Farewell Downton


photo credit PBS

Ok I don’t know about anyone else but I’m so sad to see Downton Abbey come to an end. I know we waited long stints between seasons but it was just a show I truly loved. It was simple and classic. It was timeless and meaningful. It was just an easy to love show.

I am someone who unashamedly enjoys watching television. I love discovering new shows and binge watching old favorites. I also think that there is not nearly enough GOOD tv on these days. Everything is a medical show, or police show, or super hero shows. I mean I love FLASH but still it all just blends in.

It takes a really amazing show to keep American’s interested with such a large gap in-between seasons or to even keep spoilers away until we can see the actual shows. I’m saddened that Downton has aired its last episode but I’m happy with the way it ended.

They wrapped up all the story lines while giving the viewer a glimpse of what was to come for the characters we have grown to love! It ends with a hope for the future that I think we all in some form crazy for ourselves. I will miss being part of both the upstairs and downstairs families. I will miss the nostalgia of a simple time gone by.

So here’s to you Downton Abbey, thank you for 6 years of simple and lovely entertainment. Now, I just hope the republic of tea keeps some of my favorite flavors!

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