Fat shaming Husband

This weekend was my birthday trip to Walt Disney World. We were going to hang with our friends, enjoy the Food and Wine Festival   Flower and Garden Festival and just enjoy. I had been really good at sticking to my diet during the day. There were only a couple of splurges but HEY it was my birthday.

Then, we decided to go to Magic Kingdom, at 9pm. We rode the monorail over and got in to see the 10pm Electromagic Parade. I wasn’t prepared for this. I wasn’t prepare for a late night. I didn’t bring a bag so I didn’t have my emergency clip bar and I was HUNGRY! If you’ve been to the Magic Kingdom you will learn that healthy options are ridiculously few and far between. We finally hit Cosmic Rays. I was sure I could find one of those little orange or apple packs, alas! I caved and ended up with a small order of french fries (my first in weeks so the were stupid yummy).

We kept moving through the park and headed towards Fantasyland. Jon decided he wanted a funnel cake and Amber and Casey wanted a waffle sandwich. After waiting in line Jon got his funnel cake and I took a bite. As I was going in for another piece he pulled it away and said “didn’t you just have french fries? That’s a lot of fried tonight and it isn’t on your diet”.


I GOT PISSED! I stormed off and left him confused. When he finally asked me what was wrong I spun around and said something to the effect of “it is great to be fat-shammed on my birthday weekend”. He tried to explain that wasn’t what he meant. That it was really just his tone and that he doesn’t think I’m fat.

Now, smart Kim knows he didn’t mean it. Overweight Kim became very oversensitive. He spent the whole next day trying to make up for it and I eventually moved on. Honestly, though I didn’t. I had me really looking at every food choice I made. He even said that he should have been more sensitive to what I was trying to do because he didn’t need to eat that.

I’m glad it happened. I know he didn’t really shame me but before that happened I didn’t know I was so affected by it. So, I recommitted myself as I take my multi-vitamin and other fun things. I’ve signed up for 2 Orange Theory classes this week before event week kicks in. This whole mean plan thing is such a learning curve for me!

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