February Goals

I always have this tendency to make yearly lofty goals and then totally forget about them by March. Then all of a sudden it is July and I’m like “Didn’t I have a plan to do this?” I’m going to see if I plot out monthly goals here, where I have to be accountable, if that makes a difference.

February Goals.jpg

Read a book – I keep getting books I want to read and reading maybe 1-2 chapters and then get involved in something else. I really want to finish some of these books. I’ve got 2 with me for my cruise so hopefully I can bust it out.

Complete all workouts – sadly, I am so bad about doing every workout. Then I’m surprised as hell that things aren’t working. This past week I had 6 workouts. I completed 4. I don’t have kids or any major responsibilities besides work so there is really no excuse for this!

Morning workout lady – I want to become one of those people who can get up in the morning and fit in their workout. When I get back from the cruise this is going to be a goal. I want to become a morning workout person.

Mop – Yea, that’s a weird household goal. When we moved to Florida we learned that they really don’t have carpet in houses. Our whole house is now tile flooring. I need to actually mop this crap, and maybe vacuum.

I think 4 goals are good for now. I like the idea of breaking things down month-to-month instead of yearly. Small, attainable goals are a good thing!

What are everyone else’s goals this month?

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