Figuring out weight training and nutrition

So I have pretty much entered into my off season. I have a 10K in October that I am running but that is it. So I’ve decided that this winter instead of focusing on running I’m going to focus on weight training. I’m doing this for 2 reasons:

1) I need more upper body to hold myself up in the drop position on the road bike.

2) If I ever want to switch to aerobars on my bike I need to get rid of the belly. Stupid pooch.

Since Jon is basically beginning to train to do an Ironman next year (today he is riding 62 miles on the bike after riding 34 yesterday) I’ve had to really look at our nutrition. He is eating for a family of 4 and I am desperately trying to remember that I am not training like him. I’ve also had to get protein in him in other ways since he is NEVER full. Welcome Nutribullet


I bought this little thing last weekend and it is amazing. We have made smoothies and post-workout drinks everyday. It is so simple even he will use it. Yesterday, we even went to the Vitamin Shoppe and started looking at things to add and researching supplements . We came home with Matcha Powder (green tea powder, more for me) and Cacao powder. We still have protein powder to use up but we are looking at different ones now (these things are pricy).

I can honestly say that this is a confusing area of fitness. There are lots of mixes and pills it is cray-cray. So, now I’m off to try and learn more about weight training. I’m not a fan of looking stupid at the gym. I think I’ll be doing a lot of reading in the next few days.

Have you figured out the nutrition mix? Any recipes you recommend? 

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