Finding your Fit!

Ok so after lots of research after yesterday’s post I found these really handy workout videos. A lot of my issues with weight training is that I really don’t know how to do the moves when listed. I’m one of those people who really appreciates the “how-to” video.

Luckily I stumbled across these helpful videos call the Bond Girl Bikini Workout she totally gets it. I don’t want to be bulky I just want to be fit! So I’m going to be giving her workout/videos a try this week. I don’t know about you all but I prefer to be told exactly what to do and when. I would benefit from a personal trainer but alas there is no money in the budget for that one. Instead I find the budget friendly ways to make it work.

She has a 2 day or 3 day split. Since I’m new at this I am going with a 2 day split. She recommends Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday as rest days. Since I’m a runner I will be doing a long run on 1 of those weekend days. But here is the recommended 2 day split schedule. She also shows you how to do all the workouts with dumbbells which is great cause I don’t own a barbell and can’t always get to the gym!

2 day split:

M- chest, back, abs, cardio

T- biceps, triceps, shoulders, cardio

W- Off or optional leg day

Th- chest, back, abs, cardio

Fr- biceps, triceps, shoulders, cardio

So today’s workout (this afternoon after appointments)

Back & Chest, Abs & cardio

Workout Breakdown:

-Barbell row 4-5 sets 5 reps; 30lbs

-Standing dumbbell pullover 4-5 sets 5 
reps; 15lb

-Barbell bench press 4-5 sets 5 reps; 25lbs

-Dumbbell flyes 4-5 sets 5 reps; 12lbs

-Ab wheel

-Cardio: Sprints on treadmill followed 
by steady state cardio (30 min total not 
including warm up and cool down)

sprints= 30s sprint at 8mph followed by 60s rest
10 intervals; 15 min total

Check out her videos, they are super helpful and really doable. I think tomorrow I will break it apart and do weights in the AM and cardio in the afternoon.

Hope everyone has a happy Monday!

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