Friday Five – Fitness trends I’ll never try

So I follow a blog called You signed up for what and they always do this Friday Five link-up. So today I decided I would give it a try.

friday five

1) Jazzercise – Apparently this is still a thing and it is big down here in the Tampa area. I say big because I’ve seen at least 2 locations. I have no desire to rock this 80’s trend. No thank you!

2) Those wrap things – I see them around a lot now. You wrap your tummy or some crap and it melts fat, or makes you look less frumpy, or something. I just don’t get it. I feel like it is the 2015 version of that wrap that was supposed to vibrate the fat off back in the 90’s.

3) Bodybuilding – I have a friend who I love dearly that is a very successful bodybuilder. I just do not have the amazing willpower and dedication that she has to compete in a sport like that. She is amazing and I give her major props, but it isn’t for me!

4) Going Sugar Free – I’ll admit I tried this one. Sadly, I like cookies far too much to ever really “give up” sugar. I just couldn’t sustain that. Maybe cut back, yes, but never go sugar-free!

5) Running in a onesie – OK there is a new thing now called the “running romper” and it is a one piece running outfit. I would never run in this!! It is cute so I might wear it to the beach or something but never to actually do one of my runs! Craziness!!

There are a ton of fitness activities that I really want to try! Top of the list is paddle boarding. I never like to say never but I’m pretty sure the above are solidly out of my plans! How about you?

What fitness trends will you never try?

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