Friday Five – People who motivate me

So tomorrow is the IRONMAN Kona world championships. My office has been SOOO quiet because most everyone is on the big island! So in honor of Kona tomorrow I decided to talk about the 5 triathletes who inspire me! These are the people I actively watch and look-up too! They are approachable. I want to race with them and isn’t that the great part about the sport of triathlon? The fact that you get to race side-by-side with these professional athletes? What other sport can you do that? So with that in mind I give you my Five people who motivate me, courtesy of Cynthia at You signed up for what!?



I’ve had a total friend crush on her for years now! I find her to be absolutely amazing and inspiring,. When I’m running my internal motto tends to be “Remember to run like Rinny”. I actually got to meet her a little over a year ago and I was a total fan girl!


Me with Rinny and TO

2. Tim O’Donnell

See the above photo. This guy is pretty awesome. Jon and I have been following him for a while. Living in Annapolis we would consider him more of a local than any of the other professional triathletes. He went to the Naval Academy so  it counted! He tends to be the underdog but who doesn’t love a good underdog?? Who wouldn’t love the all-American boy!


3. Andy Potts

I am a total Pottshead! I love watching Andy race. He is so down-to-earth and nice that you just want him to win. I mean he is an athlete with an actual “cupcake season” post Kona! I just imagine that he is one of those people who you could hang out and have a drink with.


I actually met him at TriRock Philly last year at the finish line and he was just awesome. Taking photos with people and chatting like “hey I just won a race, no biggie”.

4. Heather Jackson

She’s a new one on the scene but I love her style. It’s like punk meets triathlon and that is awesome! She is awesome to watch and you just have to appreciate the drive and determination! I can’t wait to watch her race tomorrow!


5. Gordon Ramsay

Yep, you read that right, Gordon Ramsay. The Hell’s Kitchen chef himself. No he isn’t a professional triathlete but this will be his second time racing Kona. I just give major credit to someone that is that famous with actual work to do but he still finds time to train. He doesn’t take this race as just something to be done for charity or a one and done, he actually races! I think he is a great addition to the sport!


So, who motivates you to get out there and get it??

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