Friday Fives – Thing I’m loving

I haven’t done a favorites post in a while! I’ve been trying out some new things lately and have found some new loves! Both in running and with my home projects! Here are my current five favorites!

  1. 361 degree Shoes

I have this exact pair. These are my new favorite go-to shoes! It is the first pair that I think feels light and moves with my foot. I’ve now worn them up to a 10 mile run and NOT. ONE. BLISTER! That has never happened. On my long runs I always end up with at least 1 hot spot or blister. I can’t wait to get another pair of these! Until then, they are the main shoe in my rotation now and I highly recommend them!

2. Feetures socks

Ok, I’ve always known the importance of socks. I’ve used different ones, Adidas/Champion/Balega/etc but I’ve never found ones these good! I’ve been wearing the elite light cushion no show tab and LOVE them. Super comfy, good support, and no blisters! I need to get a few more pairs! I don’t know if these socks with the shoes are the magical formula for me to be blister free but I’ll take it!!

3. Vega Vanilla Chai

I’m LOVING this flavor! I needed something for when I travel for work and need to get a meal in. Or if I need to workout in the morning before work but don’t want a full meal! I mean there are lots of choices but this flavor is so tasty!

4. Sparkly soul Headbands

These tend to make my list but not in a while. I just love these headbands. They are the only ones that I have found that don’t slide off my head. I picked up the one above to wear for Gasparilla next week! I don’t know if I have an odd shaped head or what not but all the other ones inch back or don’t stay on at all. These bad boys don’t budge! I have like 12 now and use them all the time!

5. Thumbs (or earworms)

Ok, this song popped onto my Pandora last week and now I can’t get it out of my head! I LOVE this song so much that it is now on my running playlist! Maybe I’m going through Girl meets World withdraw but I’m loving this!

So, that’s my Friday five favs! Have you checked any of these out? Whatcha loving these days?

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