FRS energy + Endurance 10 day challenge #Iownthis

A couple of weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to do the FRS 10 day challenge. I was skeptical because I’m always low on energy and can use a pick me up that is coffee or soda. However, I’m not one to back away from a challenge.


So FRS sent me a 10 day challenge pack (which you can try out for just $19.99) and it included:

  1. 1 full-sized bottle of FRS concentrate (16 servings)

  2. 1 sample pack of FRS soft chews (2 servings)

  3. 2 regular-sized cans of FRS drink (2 servings)

I got the big bottle of Peach Mango flavor, 1 can of strawberry kiwi, and 1 can of wild berry, and 1 small pack of pineapple mango soft chews.

I’ll be honest, it was hard to do this 2x a day. I paired it with my mid morning snack and it worked great. However, if I took the second too late in the day I had a lot of energy when I tried to go to sleep. I also had the tendency to forget to drink the second one.


I did LOVE the can option. When I buy on my own I plan to go with the can option. It was so easy to grab one from the fridge and enjoy. It also was nice to not have the crash that usually comes from soda.

I liked the Pinapple/Mango concentrate but I really enjoyed the Wild Berry can! The Strawyberry-kiwi can was tasty but a little strong. The wild berry can was just a good flavor.

The really nice thing about these drinks was that they tasted good. I’ve done reviews of drinks before and I usually don’t like them. They have a funky aftertaste, are too sweet, or taste like chalk. FRS was actually tasty. It is the first time my husband and I said we might actually purchase this afterwards.

Also in the pack was the option of the soft chews. These were cool and easy to remember to pop mid-day. I really liked these about an hour before my evening workout!!

So when you go to order yourself I highly recommend the soft-chews and the cans!! Either way do yourself a favor and try out the 10-day challenge for yourself!!

Click here to check out the FRS Energy + Endurance 10-day challenge for yourself!! You won’t regret it!!

FRS Energy + Endurance provided me the above product in exchange for my review. All comments  and opinions are my own!

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