Gearing up for Gasparilla

It looks like I’m finally going to get to race this weekend! Looks like the weather is going to be pretty good! I’m heading over to pickup my packet today and taking a look at the expo. Tomorrow I’m volunteering with the Humane Society at the expo to hand out bibs. Then early on Sunday I’ll take to the streets of Tampa to run my first half marathon in quite a while.

My training has been pretty good. I even have the chance of a PR. I don’t know that I get to my half marathon PR from 2012 but I think I can get pretty close. My goal is sub 3 hour and that would be an 11 minute PR from last year’s race.

It has been raining a lot this week so I actually did some cardio indoors instead of running outside for my easy runs. I’m hopeful to get a nice easy run in later today and then take tomorrow off.

It is an interesting situation to be in nutrition-wise because I would normally carb-load for the race. However, I’m really trying to get off a weight-loss plateau. So, I’m trying to regulate while also not jeopardizing my race at the same time! So, I’ve focused on really drinking A LOT of water this week and I’ll have some pasta tonight and probably some for lunch tomorrow. Then a nice, light, dinner with a good amount of protein! Here’s hoping that I do it right and have a good race!

Anyone else rocking the pirates this weekend?

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