Get out and volunteer

Oh goodness, I looked up from a week of work and realized I hadn’t updated here in a while. At work this week we opened the Community Pet Food Bank. It basically ate my soul for a week. November and December are the busiest times for me at work and things tend to get crazy! I haven’t gone 2 weeks without having to do something for work every day!

However, being a volunteer coordinator, I find that I don’t tend to want to volunteer. It isn’t that I don’t believe it is necessary it is just that I normally can’t find the time. However, yesterday I volunteered for a local race.

Surprisingly, I have never volunteered for a local race, at least not in a formal capacity. So, since I can’t run long distances right now I decided to volunteer. Which I highly recommend everyone do at least once. It allows you to be much more appreciative.

I showed up at the high school at 6:30am, realizing had I run the race I could have slept another 90 minutes. After a little confusion they put me to work. Moving tables, getting ice, and then I got to cut up 2 GIANT bags of oranges. Did not make me miss my prep-cook days AT ALL!!

As I’m finishing up the oranges a friend that was helping organize came in and said, “I’m pulling you cause I need another course monitor” I agreed and went out to my post which was both the first turn and the last turn of the race.

The issue was that the school had double booked itself with the race and a lacrosse tournament. Actually, the tournament changed their schedule. They started at 7:30am when they were supposed to start at 11am but apparently didn’t tell anyone.

So my first turn and last turn duties also became blocking cars who were illegally parked from leaving. Nothing tests you like angry lacrosse moms yelling at you “cause they got kids at home and no time for this” Not my problem your group didn’t tell anyone they changed the schedule.

THANKFULLY, Bill came around on the bike and we were able to work out a lane with the nice officer so that the people could leave and I could stop being yelled at.

In the middle of all of the yelling fun, one of my volunteers from work called to tell me that she was sick and would not be coming to the event today. So I was dealing with work fun out in the middle of the road between angry lacrosse parents! It was just meant to be one of those days!

How have your volunteering experiences rated?

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