Going offline

So it has been a long week at work. Excruciatingly long week at work!  So on Saturday I decided I would enjoy the company of my dog and my husband, and my friends and actually talk to people. So I decided for 2 days I wasn’t going to use my computer. I did have to cheat Saturday morning since I was at work and had to respond to emails but otherwise no computer. I have to say it was fantastic.

I read a book. It has been so long since I have read a book. My husband actually thought something was wrong cause I wasn’t sitting behind my MAC all day. I went to the mall with Jen & Steph and bought my first ever suit!

Sidenote: I felt really old buying a suit. I have never had one and I know that it doesn’t make you old but still. Sometimes I think I go kicking and screaming into being a grownup. I much prefer Neverland!

Anywho, I recommend that everyone try it. It was nice not to really be on my computer or watch TV. I didn’t give up my phone but since we don’t have a home phone that is probably not possible.

What does everyone else do to disconnect and unwind?

#disconnecting #offline