Growing up with Triathlon

Last night I had a phenomenal conversation with 2 ladies from TriEqual! Yes, I’m offering up my services to this inspiring group! No, I’m not a bitter ex-employee looking to throw a big middle finger! Ok, I mean I’d love to have had a Jerry McGuire kinda moment and take the fish and storm out but none of that happened and that’s cool (I still support the brand). I’m donating my time because I believe in what they are doing and I really hope I can help them make a difference in the lives of women triathletes!

That being said, we discovered that 2 of us had started our triathlon careers (different years) at the same race. It was said “I grew up with the race”. One said “It is so amazing to hear you say you grew up with triathlon.” It made me think, did I?

My dad was a runner so I was always around running. Group sports was more my thing (yep, soccer and lacrosse) but triathlon, I don’t remember thinking about triathlon until my late twenties. However, it was always there. I didn’t have to travel or go looking for the sport. It was right there. I was lucky in MD when I decided to tackle this thing called triathlon there were amazing triathlon clubs there to help me. Shops with lots of information that wanted to get me involved. There were companies that helped to outfit me in all the latest gear so I could look awesome and perform (haha) at my best!


Start of the first IRONMAN race – check out her swimsuit! No speed skins or nothing!

Do we take this for granted? Yes, I think we do and that is why I am even more excited to help these women (and men). I want to help pay it forward. The minute we start assuming something will always be there is the moment it could disappear. AND if it gets 50 women to Kona all the better!!

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