Here we go

So this week starts the official training. I’ve always called myself a runner but in all honesty I’m a run/walker. I’ve never fully run any race or any training run for that matter. That all changes. It is time to push myself past my comfort zone.

I got myself a coach who is pretty awesome and I have a 2 week training plan. My plan focuses on consistency. Last week I did a time trial run for her. 5 minute brisk walk warm up. 1 mile run as hard as I can. 10 minute cool down walk. The first 5 minutes was fine. The 1 mile run was ridiculously harder than I thought it would be. Run a mile?? SURE! Actually running a mile…what was I thinking? I’ve never run more than 3 minutes at a time. Final 1 mile, I think I’m going to die, time 12:55. And now the fun begins.

25 minutes of running ideally at a 15 minute mile pace. I managed 20 minutes of solid running before I had to take a minute. I actually used the phrase “shut up legs” out loud! It was painful and I wanted to quit.


But you know what, I finished, and I wasn’t dead. I didn’t actually die in that spot (which is pretty awesome). I also didn’t collapse. Which means this is possible. I can keep pushing a get stronger! Hopefully, this also means I can get faster!

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