Here we go again


Yesterday I fell off the wagon, HARD! I didn’t plan for the day. Meetings ran over and I was traveling to drop off flyers around town. To say I was ill prepared would be an understatement. I didn’t realize how much this whole process meant to me until I messed it all up.

I also didn’t realize how gross I would feel falling off. It gave me a SPLITTING headache, made me sick to my stomach, and I was exhausted. Who’d have thought that clean eating was actually a powerful tool!

However, they seem to say that falling off and continuing to fall is the real problem. Today we get back on that stupid wagon! That has always been my problem in the past. I would make some food mistakes and then keep making them until I was back to where I started.

This time it is different! I don’t want to fall again. I like the progress I’ve made and I want to keep succeeding! So here is to spending the weekend doing my workouts, planning my meals, and going shopping so I don’t end up in this mess again! Whew!

#cleaneating #mealplanning