Home renovations: When you can’t race

No, I haven’t been sidelined. Mother nature apparently does not want me to race in January. I’m hopeful that February will be better. However, it gave us 2 extra weekends for house stuff.

When we bought this house I knew it was going to have some DIY projects. What I didn’t realize was that I would really enjoy those projects. Everything is pretty much cosmetic but I enjoy the painting, the sprucing, and the making things new! I have a running list in a notebook of projects I want to tackle and we have a priority list on the fridge to keep us focused.

Our main project has been the garage. We have the rare air conditioned garage and we have a goal of making it useable. We would like to have a side dedicated to our fitness stuff and possibly get a fitness area in there. We would also like to be able to pull a car in there if wanted. Sadly, home improvements are expensive and we have been doing things little by little.

I completely forgot to take a before picture of the garage. I’m glad I did think to take some photos after the purge. So, we started with going through everything and doing a donation run to the local Humane Society and Goodwill.

So, some before photos. Notice the wire shelving and the BRIGHT yellow paint. Yes, the previous folks painted everything BRIGHT yellow.

We have too much crap

I mean, there was a pegboard up on the wall and you can see that the previous owner put everything on the wall and THEN painted.

Check out that bright yellow!

The next photo you can see we have started to hand the Rubbermaid Fast Track system. Which we have found to be awesome. You will also see I have started to paint the garage a tan/gold color. I had to do each side separately.

Seriously, too much stuff!

Then, everything got pulled off the walls and sorted into tubs. Thankfully, I was able to condense from our moving boxes to tubs easily as we got rid of stuff.

Piles of tubs!!

I’m happy to say that we are 3/4 of the way done. We have to hang some shelves still. We plan on installing some closet pieces so we have have a place for running/biking shoes and to hang our winter jackets. Like I said that takes the monies (FYI Lowes it totes cheaper than Home Depot when it comes to the Fasttrack), and unlike some blogs I wasn’t paid to make improvements (not that I’m opposed to that).

Before on top and After on bottom

I think we are making excellent progress! Hopefully, I will be able to find the floor this month!

My next project is the garden. I’ve already started but have to work in the AM when the weather is nice, thanks Florida! Also, if anyone ever says to you “you know what is better than normal mulch, ROCK mulch” just punch them in the face! So far, most of my work has been shoveling rocks into a bucket to take to the dump. It is NEVERENDING! This weekend we also pulled out some of the dead bushes! Goodness! The joys of homeownership.

One joy however is that spring means ducklings! These are the ones that just hatched in our backyard!! The cuteness!!!

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