I have goals?


That image says it all for me. Goals pointing all over the place. 6 years ago I was reading a magazine and saw an ad for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I was jazzed. I had a huge goal, a training plan, and people to push me!

Fast-forward and I’ve realized that I have no real goal right now. I’m trying to figure out what’s next. Usually, the next step is to get faster. I’d love to be a faster runner and I’m trying but to be honest, its freaking hard! It is also very solo. When you are reaching toward a larger distance there are people to push you and cheer you on. You are like “holy crap I’m doing a half marathon or a marathon or a triathlon”. When you want to get faster you aren’t really like “I’m currently working on getting from a 13 minute mile to an 11 minute mile”.

No one cheers that on! Ok, other runners cheer that one but it isn’t something you normally post. Like “woohoo! I just did a sub-13 minute mile today” people are like aren’t you supposed to run under 10 minutes? And Who’s Meb? And all that jazz.

So what are everyone else’s goals this year? I’d love some ideas, I’d like to find some new motivation! Whatcha got out there cyber world??

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