I Love Fall

To say things have been crazy would be an understatement. Between my upcoming race that I’m directing and my first olympic on Oct 4 I’m trying really hard to get my training in the way I should! Throw in that I have to work my team booth at Ironman Maryland all this weekend and then begin managing a remote team on Oct 1….crazy start your engines!!


However, I love that it is becoming fall! I stopped to enjoy that fact yesterday when I was sitting at my desk and I opened the window to a fantastic breeze! I’m still working on making the home office my own but that breeze was just phenomenal! I’ve been rocking sweat pants the last few days and I love the comfy!! Soon I will be able to break out the boots!

And please do not forget all things PUMPKIN!! I don’t care if it has crazies or what-not, I love my occasional skinny Pumpkin spice latte, and pumpkin coffee, and pumpkin muffins, etc. The hubby is super excited because it is Sam Adams Octoberfest time!! So yay fall!!


So yes, I’m excited to break out the hoodies, the sweats, the boots. I can’t wait to make a fire in the fireplace, hot cocoa, and nice weather for my runs!! Who else is excited to bring in the fall?? Also, please do not confuse this with winter. I hate winter, lol!!


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