I’m finding the joy again

Last week I went for a run in the morning. I haven’t done this since probably April because we moved. We moved and all of a sudden my schedule was off and I just couldn’t get motivated to get up and get out. I wasn’t training for anything and I had no motivator.

A couple weeks ago I started the training plan for the Disney Half Marathon. I went back to what worked for me in the past. I downloaded the Jeff Galloway plan specifically for the half marathon. I love that RUNDISNEY provides these for free! Now, you can even sync the plan with your calendar so it is always there and you don’t have to type out each day!

It was hard to get back into a routine of following a training schedule. It took probably 3 weeks to get into some constancy. Meaning, I got my workouts in but never at the same time or maybe not even on the recommended days.

However, last week, something changed. I went out and found a groove. I felt strong and speedy. I NEVER feel speedy. I finished and looked at my watch…this was speed I had a few years ago. I haven’t been able to get back to those speeds in the last 2 years! So I tested it, I did something that made me nervous….I agreed to run.

My friend, who is training for the Disney marathon and is faster than me, asked to do our long run together. When we got out there she was totally cool with doing my 1:1 intervals even though she could do the 6 miles without stopping. She even stayed with me for 5 of the 6 miles but she needed to get home by a particular time.

However, I finished my 6 mile run just 2 minutes off of my race pace 2 year ago and 6 minutes off my PR for a 10K which I got in 2011! The big surprise was that it didn’t feel hard. I mean I pushed a bit towards the end but its been a while since I’ve run 6 miles. My legs didn’t hate me, I didn’t want to stop in the first mile, and I actually want to go out and run.

So, this morning, I will lace up and head out as scheduled!This time I’m looking forward to going. I finally feel like getting back to a sub- 3 hour half marathon is a possibility again!

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