I quit my dream job


So, on Thursday afternoon I quit my dream job. Why did I quit my job you may ask? There are a lot of reasons, including my thoughts on Women for Tri. However, since I have to endure 2 more weeks at the office that is a blog post for a later date.

So, why did I quit my dream job? Because I love the sport of triathlon! That’s weird isn’t it? I had a job that was completely triathlon 24/7. Except that it wasn’t. There are 2 problems with it.

  1. When you do something for 9 hours a day you really don’t want to come home and train to do that as well. You don’t want it to encompass your entire life.

  2. You don’t have the time to actually train for an event if you like things like your family or sleep.

What I can say is that this job taught me a lot about myself and what I want. I like having a work/life balance. I like having goals. I like working hard. I like being part of a team. I like leading and I’m good at it.I learned these things because they are things that I was lacking at my “dream job”.

I’m happy to say that I’m returning to a company that I enjoyed working for. It will give me that balance I crave with the creativity and leadership that I want! Sometimes, you don’t need your passion to be your career. It’s ok to just be passionate on the side!

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