I still can’t fathom

I thought 24 hours would make it less of a shock. No, not the fact that Donald Trump is President-elect (although technically he is President electoral college). It is the coming to terms with how many people I actually know that voted for him. You don’t want to vote for her, ok, vote third party. However, in my mind, a vote for him is a vote against my rights as a woman and against my family. People seem to think the grieving is sour grapes when actually it is a lack of understanding in oneself that you thought you knew people.

Even now, I struggle with putting my thoughts into words. I agree there is a lot of hate out there but comparing your dislike of Obama to my dislike of Trump is like comparing onions to STDs. Yea maybe you don’t like onions on your pizza and it sucks but I know you don’t like STD’s on your pizza!

Ok, so Trump won, and for the last 8 years, people have been screaming and protesting Obama and his choices. Why now is it not ok for me to stand up? Why must I be silent now that your choice has been selected. I did not tell you to sit down when you wanted to fight. So get off my F*ing soapbox! There is more here then being annoyed at a healthcare plan or a birth certificate. There is actual, visceral, HATRED for people. So if you get to hate Muslims, and the LGBT community, and African-Americans, and Mexicans, and Liberal women then I don’t have to like you. I don’t have to be your friend. Reversely, you don’t have to be mine or like me.

Yes, it sucks that you voted for Trump. Had this been a “normal” election and you voted Republican, ok whatevs. However, you voted against my family, friends, and loved ones. THIS IS NOT OK! THIS IS NOT A NORMAL ELECTION! Maybe you had a different reason for voting for him but by voting for him you condone the above. You say that all of it is ok!

By staying quiet we condone these choices and his hatred! By staying quiet we allow injustice to continue. By staying quiet we condone this and I do not condone this! I will not condone this! #notmypresident