If I can get through January


If I can get through January, I can get through the rest of 2019.

I’m excited about the challenges that 2019 holds but did I need them to all come in January? Here’s what’s going on.

At the end of January we are making a multi-state move. Which means that all of January is dedicated to packing, planning, scheduling, working, AHHH!


Also, in the middle of the month, I’m gone for 4 days to go to my very first triathlon camp! I’m equal parts excited and scared! I’ve never had a weekend completely dedicated to a sport EVER!


Now, here’s the wrench! The POD comes on January 11 and leaves on January 16. Which means that we have to be mostly packed by Friday! Which also means I have to decide what I need for my camp and to live for 2 weeks by Friday! Also, I’m surrounded by boxes and clutter! I finally decided today to add to my calendar which rooms have to be done which days. This way I have a little control in the chaos!


If I can get through this month then I can get through the rest of the year! Stay tuned this month (and on insta) and track my crazy and my tri camp adventure!!

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