I don’t know if what I have would be considered insomnia, I think it does. I’m tired at night and fall asleep quickly. However, by like 1am I am wide awake and trying to force myself back to sleep. Simply put, it sucks. I have had this problem for a number of years and have heard many reasons from doctors (all quacks, in my opinion). 1) Told me I was overweight and if I lost some I would sleep better 2) I told me I might have a neurological imbalance but he could give me brain stimulants (he scared me) 3) I had too much energy that I needed to burn it off.

Number 3 was pretty close. He was right, when I exercise hard I sleep very well. However, I can not exercise like that everyday. Besides the pain involved, sometimes you just have time for a quick workout. However, thanks to my addiction to Downton Abbey I have found a natural solution to my problem. It is a home remedy called Cinnamon Milk or as my friends and I have been calling it “Magic Milk” (Not to be confused with Magic Mike, although that could help with some good dreams). It is really simple to make (see above link) you just boil milk, add a cinnamon stick, let seep, add honey and you will sleep like a baby!

Hopefully, this helps some others with their sleeping issues like it has helped me!

#cinnamonmilk #insomnia