I don’t know if it is the pending holidays or the marathon training that has me thinking about goals and decisions for 2016. My beginning of the year goals have been pretty similar the last few years. Lose weight, run faster, organize my crap, etc etc. So far, I’ve been pretty unsuccessful at these goals year after year.

Thanks to all these marathon long runs I’ve had the opportunity to really think about things. Why have I been doing things, signing up for races, buying new things. Then it hit me! I’ve been giving myself too many goals that I haven’t been able to obtain.

Now, this year I did get a little bit faster this year but not really as fast as I was 4 years ago. The weight is actually higher than it has ever been and well none of my stuff is organized.

This is where the too many tracks come in. “I’m going to get faster and run a marathon.” “Hey, how about I sign up for a triathlon!” “I’m totally going to lose 40 pounds this year cause of the marathon and the triathlon” and these things NEVER work and then I get frustrated cause I’ve completed things but never made any improvements.

I’ve begun the choices now to have one goal for 2016 and stick to it. I’ve had a long talk with the hubby and plotted things out. I have a plan and the help to make it happen and this will be the year!

Have you started thinking about your goals for the new year yet??


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