Iron Girl Columbia Recap

Ok it has been a little over a week since my first sprint triathlon, the Iron Girl Columbia. I’ve thought a lot about what I wanted to say in my recap. To be honest, as excited as I was to finish I was bummed about my time. I guess more on that later.

To start, I took a half day on the Friday before so I could do packet pick-up.

ig photo 3

Hotel Entrance

I waited in a small line since I am not a USAT member. When you got there they had a big board where you had to find your number. Somehow Megan and I were next to each other, yet again! Craziness! So, I picked up my packet, shirt, bike gloves, and bag. I walked though the little expo and ended up buying an Iron Girl towel and a “tri” t-shirt. I looked at the IG jewelry but it was just so pricey.

For this race you had to rack your bike the day before. So I got there at 11 when transition opened. It gave me a chance to walk around and see everything.

Iron Girl Transition

Iron Girl Transition

Bike all racked

Bike all racked

There was a Team Fight lunch that Jon and I went to and then we headed home so I could rest and make sure all of my gear was ready to go!

The next morning Jon and I headed bright and early to the race. I headed to transition and Jon headed to the tri club tent to help out. Now, one key thing I learned – head lamp! Transition was kinda lit but it was dark. I had a hard time checking my tire pressure and all that. It had rained the night before and they were calling for heavy downpours. I had brought a trash bag to put on the ground to help keep my gear dry. I also used to the drawstring bag from the expo to put my shoes and socks into. Thankfully while it was raining my shoes stayed dry!!

After setting up my transition and getting numbered I headed over to the tri club tent to hang out and rep some Sunrype!!

ig photo 1

My swim wave was at 7am (4th group to go) so I wasn’t waiting around a super long time. The swim was tougher than I had prepared for. I got hit twice by a chick that was backstroking badly! Then I got pushed under by a faster swimmer trying to swim over me…SERIOUSLY?? I’m pretty sure I punched her! Then when I came around the 3rd buoy it was like the vegetation came to life. You know that scene in Harry Potter where they are in the maze searching for the goblet and that Russian guy gets sucked in by the wall….it was kinda like that only it didn’t kill you. All of this it took me about 36 minutes to complete. About 6 minutes slower than I planned.

I came running out of the water to transition. Added shoes, ate gels, and went out. To be honest, I was terrified of the bike ride. I did the Princeton Sports ride of the course 2 weeks before and it was horrible. My seat broke and I ended up walking 2 of the hills cause I just couldn’t climb. I was determined not to do that during the race.

So the bike course is 16 miles of hills. Although, they are much easier when your seat stays in the right position. I was passed by a lot of people and I passed a few myself. All in all, the bike wasn’t terrible. Took me 1:31:21 to complete the bike. I was ok with this, not happy but ok!

The run was surprisingly hard. I forgot to gel towards the end of the bike ride. So I took it while in transition but it wasn’t enough.  I hit that wall as soon as I started running and just didn’t have the juice to go faster than a walk! It was hard to keep going but I was determined. My nutrition kicked in around mile 2 and I was able to finish…kinda strong…but it was a finish! I am happy to say I am an Iron Girl!!

Final time – 3:02:44 – I can totally do better! You learn something from every race. From this one I learned about nutrition and the real importance! However, I finished and I didn’t drown so all in all a great race!!


My mom is an iron girl!

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