Is no plan a plan?

So this Sunday I am signed up for the Spacecoast Half Marathon in Florida. There were 2 reasons I signed up to do this race.

1. I could get on my cruise the next day with a little less guilt.

2. I could use it to build a base for my half iron training that starts a month later.

3. Everyone else was doing it.

All 3 of these reasons are very good reasons (in my mind) to do a race. However, these are not motivators to train for a race. Best laid plans and intentions except that life gets in the way and then the next thing you know it is race weekend. However, I’m actually really excited about my lack of preparedness.

For the last 9 months I have always had a training plan. I’ve been following (more or less) exactly what the plan told me to do all the way through race day. Yet, this weekend I have no plan, no goal, nothing. My entire plan is to put my headphones in and go for a run. That’s it. I don’t plan on joining anyone, or pushing myself, or using intervals. I am simply going to go run and see what happens. I’m still going to use my watch cause it is new and I want to play with it. I’m also going to use the heart rate monitor so I can see how that looks. Otherwise, I’m just going to run to see what I can do. See how my body responds.

Have you ever ditched everything and just enjoyed the race?

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