It’s an honor

Ok so I was totally going to do a post today about triathlon gear shopping. Also, about wetsuit shopping with Jon (it’s hilarious). However, I was humbled by being being nominated for a very inspiring blogger award by sarahnaut,

The award has three simple rules:

1- Thank and link back to the awesome person who nominated you. 2- Share 7 things about yourself. 3- Nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know.

ok so 7 things about me…

1. I hate laundry. I tend to have 2 baskets – clean or dirty – and will just pull clothes out of the clean one. My husband hates this and I’m trying to do better!

2. I love to bake, it is my therapy. I’ve always thought about doing it for a living but I’m afraid that then I would grow to hate it.

3. My husband says that I am the epitome of Penny from Big Bang Theory. Granted he is Sheldon but he even compared my work life and me being Penny this morning.

4. I am terrified of flying. I will pretty much drive anywhere if I can avoid flying.

5. I have my Masters Degree in Nonprofit Management

6. I’m a race director for 2 races and a charity bike ride for the first time this year

7. I hate tomatoes but love ketchup!


Too Tall Fritz – a fellow Team Tough Chik with a great blog with great pictures

Triathlon Obsession – Her blog title says it all!

Journey to Wellness – I find her posts inspiring and enjoy reading her blog.

Running Halfway around the world – I love me some Jenny!! Read her blog and love her too!!

ok I’ve seen a lot of others tagged in this so I’m going with four and oh well!!

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