January Jump Start


Get a jump start on the New Year! Pledge to log at least one running or walking mile every day in January – yes, every day!  Part of the Challenge is fitting in activity into your daily life, so no skipping, please – you’d only be cheating yourself.

Jenny had a December challenge so we are just altering it a little bit! It is simple get in 1 mile of  walking or running every day, yes everyday! Since I’m also training for a tri you could also do 3   miles on the bike! Basically, we are trying to get you moving for at least 15 minutes everyday, depending on your speed.

 So, are you ready to pledge your mile a day?  If so, here’s how:

  1. Join the FB group here.

  2. Share the Challenge badge on FB, Twitter (follow @RunHalfway and@TriandTrue and use #JanuaryJumpStart), or on your blog.

  3. After you’ve logged at least a mile each day, check into the Facebook group to record your mileage and get each day’s badge!

It is too simple not to do! So what are you waiting for! Join our challenge today and start 2013 off the right way!!

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