Kona Kase

Ok so I’ve been wanting to try a Kona Kase for a while now. Mainly because I’ve really gotten into the whole triathlon thing and well it is KONA! So I jumped at the chance to get a box when Sweat Pink offered up the chance to do a review.

So a Kona Kase looks like this when it comes


And it is filled with all kinds of goodies! However, there were a few items I couldn’t eat (vegetarian) and a few I didn’t want to. So I brought the box into work and said everyone pick one and tell me what you think! Here is what I found out!

Caveman Cookies – cavemancookies.com – These I ate…hello cookies! And they were just as good as described. Soft, moist yummy!

Garuka Bars – garukabars.com – You have to love something that when you buy it money goes to monkey’s! My friend Kirstyn ate this an immediately wanted to know where to buy them!!

Barbara LLewellyn Granola – pretty tasty as granola goes. I threw it in yogurt!

Body Glove Surge Gel – pacifichealthlabs.com – I haven’t eaten this yet. I’ve very picky about gels so we will see!

Perky Jerky – perkyjerky.com – I believe this is caffeinated jerky. My administrative coordinator took this one! She said it had a great smoky flavor but was sweet. She would totally eat more of it!

Enjoy Life – enjoylifefoods.com – This was a seed and fruit mix. My boss took this one. Said it was a great desk snack!

Pro Bar – probarvip.com – My shelter manager took this one. Said it tasted like normal chews but didn’t feel sticky on the teeth!

Health Warrior – healthwarrior.com – Chia Bar – My graphics intern took this one. She said it was pretty tasty. A good mid-afternoon snack choice!

So if you are interested in getting a monthly Kona Box visit Konakase.com give them code GIFTSUMMER for $5 off your first box!!

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