Let’s Dish! and Winning!

Ok I want to start off that I am super excited! Yesterday the nice people at Run for the Dream in Williamsburg, VA told me that I had won their picture contest. This gave me a free entry into their half marathon next year.

We collapsed after the Dog Days of summer 8K

All you had to do to enter the contest was take a picture in your RFTD race shirt during or after a local race. This one was the Dog Days of Summer 8K. If you have not run this race before I highly recommend it. It is a great, and well supported, race that runs through Colonial Williamsburg. Then they have an amazing after-party complete with really awesome pork bbq sandwiches. So thank you to the good folks at the Run for the Dream. I am excited to come back and run your race again! Girls weekend!!

In other news. We had girls night out last night at Let’s Dish! If you have never been you should go. Basically, you reserve your spot ahead of time and tell them what food you would like to make. Then you prepare different meals so you can freeze them and eat them later.

Awesome picture!

I’m gonna hear about that one later, lol, but I think it is an awesome picture! So you get your apron and your bandanna on and you get cooking. I made Honey Glazed Chicken Tenders with Green beans, Individual Breakfast pizzas, Motreal Chicken with chips, Coconut Curry Rice, and Florentine Shrimp Risotto.


Super helpful instructions!

Super helpful friends to cook with you!

Like I said, if you have one near by it is worth the money! If you are like us you can even bring a bottle of wine and really make it a girls night! Enjoy!

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