Life Mantras on a cruise ship


This past weekend the hubby and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary a little early with a Disney Cruise. I love Disney Cruising and recommend it highly to anyone considering. To answer the questions, yes we are married, No we don’t have kids, yes we still have an amazing time! You don’t need kids to be a kid at heart!

I digress now cause there will be a few posts about the cruise itself.

Our first port of call was Nassau, Bahamas. Jon likes to joke around that we take a cruise to an island every so often to remind us that life really isn’t all that bad. At the port you debark into a heap of crazy. A whole bunch of Bahamian people trying to get you to go sightseeing, take a taxi, try this food, and worst of all a horse drawn carriage ride.

This guy jumps at me trying to convince us to take this horse ride. When I look over and see many tourists taking him up on the offer. THEN I LOOK AT THE HORSES! Dear God they were missing fur, malnourished, and just sad. I looked at the man and said “absolutely not”. Jon and I decided at that point that we didn’t really want to walk around this area anymore and got back on the ship. (I found some photos but I really don’t want to subject anyone to it. Feel free to google at your discretion).

Sooo, I told you that story so I can really tell you this story.

Later that night we were hanging out and I was complaining about things back at home and Jon looked at me in all honesty and said “could be worse, you could be a horse in Nassau.” It was that simple. This is how mantras are born kids!

This is one of the biggest reasons I LOVE cruising. It allows you to kinda put life in perspective. No matter how bad you think things are “at least you are not a horse in Nassau.” or even simpler, just look out at the vast ocean and consider all the possibilities. Think about how centuries ago this is the same sights as those discovering new worlds and their own vast possibilities.

I hope you find whatever mantra works to help you get through the hard times or difficult times. By all means feel free to borrow mine now. On that note, I hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday!

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