Lifestyle changes

So, Jon and I rented the documentary “From the Ground Up”. Jon has been a vegetarian for about 5 -6 years now. He’s even done 3 Ironman races as a vegetarian. At first, I joined in with him but after about a year I stopped. I was feeling terrible, run down, and just tired!

When I started eating meat again I stopped with these issues. I became what we learned was called a flexitarian. Meaning I pretty much ate veggie for dinner but any other meal I didn’t really care. However, recently, I’ve been really considering giving it another try.

This time though, we are smarter and more “whole-food”  based. It turns out we were doing a lot more “processed” food then we thought we had been doing. I think that contributed to my issues. Now, we are giving it a go with more whole-foods and plant-based. I’m still easing into the change by continuing to eat fish. Mainly, because I had bought some salmon before we made this choice but I’m limiting it to 1x a week. I’m really interested to see how my body does with this and if it help in my recovery efforts after working out.

I really want to make the switch, and I think that will help me in my decision. I just hope I can do it right this time and make the right changes.