Lycra & Lace Race Report

OK so anytime someone tells you that you can do a sprint triathlon on endurance….RUN! So back in June I signed up for Lycra and Lace. It is an all women’s triathlon in St. Petersburg at Ft. De Soto park. I figured it would be my tri for the year and it would be easy enough to fit in the bike and swim in addition to my marathon training. This race kinda hurt.


So it is a sprint triathlon. Supposed to be a 1/4 mile swim, 10 mile bike, and 3.2 mile run. Instead this sprint triathlon was a duathlon. Walk the 1/4 mile swim, 10 mile bike, and 3.2 mile run. The swim was ridiculous. I seriously walked 3/4 of this swim. I kept trying to swim which I think ate up more time than actually walking it (swim time 00:7:16). Here is my mini rant:

When all women’s races do this crap they set women up to be subpar in the sport. They treat them like the haven’t trained or they are some fragile little thing. You did the work now do the race. Don’t baby them because you want to make it easier so they will keep coming back to your race. Cause then when they sign up for real triathlons (like the ones I put on) they bitch and moan at that race director that it is too hard! Why are my swim times slower! Why do you make it so hard! IT IS A TRIATHLON! IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE HARD!!

(T1 time – 4:22)

Ok rant over. Any who. Onto the 10 mile bike. This is a great bike course or it would have been if it were not for the 20mph headwinds the entire way! This absolutely killed my legs. I mean Jon did 112 miles in 25mph headwinds for Ironman Maryland and I don’t know how he did it. I probably would have quit. I passed a few people a few people passed me. I do think that the course was 10 miles but the mile marker signs were not in the right places. There was a mile 9 sign right before the turn into dismount. Since I know the course was 10 miles it was no biggie but if I were knew this would bug me (as a race director it totally bugs me). I was proud of myself that having not been outside on my bike for 2 months other than the previous Saturday for 6 miles I did maintain a 13:92 pace, which for me is STELLAR! I can only imagine the times I could have posted without the headwinds. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the infinite nutrition for sprints. No gels or blocks necessary just straight-up liquid! (Bike time – 43:07)

(T2 time – dunno and don’t want to do the math)

The run was pretty standard. A simple out and back although general consensus was that the course was measured correctly but the mile markers were in the wrong places. I also was annoyed that there were no portajohns on the course at all. There weren’t even ones near transition. I did use the restroom around 7:15 before we headed to the beach but we had to be out of transition at 7:30am and my wave didn’t go until 8:20. I really had to pee by T2 but there were no options NEAR the course.

Then to top all of this off they ran out of food. I went up to get some and they handed me the next last one and the lady behind the table said “well if they are gone they are gone” and sadly I think there were about 20ish people behind me.

Race Pros – I liked that there were a lot of men there helping out and their volunteer shirts said “Cabana Boys”. Super cute! With the exception of the swim I think this is a good beginner friends course. Flat bike and flat run so you could post some good times!

Race Cons – I didn’t like their communication. No race email until a couple days before. No course maps without a lot of prodding and then the one we got was kinda sad. Ability to walk the swim. Please races don’t do this! More toilets why don’t people realize that women races need more than 6 toilets! A little less focus on pictures and race videos and a little more focus on the actual race.

Other than that most everything else can be enhanced.

Personally, I think I want to try out the Duathlon. Maybe a little Run/Bike/Run might change things up for me. Maybe I got skills I don’t even know about, lol, or maybe not!

Either way – Total Time – 1:42:20


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