Making tough choices

Besides turning 34 today, yes really! I had to make the hard decision to not do my first 70.3 in Virginia this year.

On Friday I was booted, and told to do 4 weeks of PT. Now I’ll get more details tomorrow but the Ortho pretty much said it was achilles tendonitis. I kinda had two choices. Rest, heal, PT and do all the other fun things I’d scheduled for the rest of the year. OR push myself to do this 70.3 and potentially knock myself out for who knows how long.


So, today I emailed my coach and said, I have to tap out. I agonized over it all weekend but ultimately decided that all the other fun stuff I want to do was worth more than this one race. Also, I’m not a huge fan of running while in pain. Pain kinda sucks.

I have decided, however, that while I’m unable to do the running stuff that I will focus on the strength training stuff. I’ve wanted to do it for a while now and with triathlon it’s hard to fit it in. I have no excuses now. I wonder what goals and challenges I can find in that area?? hmm…..

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