Marathon weekend

Goofy Challenge

This weekend is the big event! The Walt Disney World Marathon weekend! I wish I could say that I was super excited about the race but I’m feeling kind of indifferent about it right now. I have a goal in mind but who knows if that will play out.

In 2010 Amber and I tackled our first half marathon together the Disney Princess half marathon! Now, this Sunday, we join together again to tackle the Mickey Marathon and hopefully secure us both a PR.


You would think that would have me jazzed but I’m just not feeling it. It kinda weird. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m excited and I can’t say that I am. I’m thinking that with the stress with my dad and at work that other things are just weighing on my mind and that is messing me up.

I think that on Friday when I get up to Disney and am finally with my friends that all this stress will melt away and I will have an amazing run! So, here’s hoping that this weekend will be amazing!

If you don’t already, follow me on instagram, I’ll be posting a ton!!! If you happen to be there this weekend racing also, good luck!!!