Meal Planning…take 1

Ok so since I accepted the challenge to plan out our weekly meals I started today. Last night I created a spreadsheet to use to track food and training! I’ll share in case anyone else could use some help!!

Meal & Training plan

In case you would like a pdf version of it…here you go! Meal & Training PDF

Now I have mine all filled out and I think it looks good. Basically, I grabbed a cup of coffee this morning and got comfy in bed. I grabbed some cookbooks and my iPad (for pintrest) and got to work!!


My pile of meal planning!

So I started by marking recipes I’ve been wanting to try in the cookbooks. Then I made my plan on notebook paper (I’m weird and didn’t want to commit on my nice new one). Then I picked recipes where I had most of the ingredients that would be needed. I also picked 1 or 2 that I really just wanted to try (i.e. Zucchini pizza).

Then I treated myself to a trip to Wegmans! If you have never been to a Wegmans, find one and go!! It is one of the best grocery stores ever!! With list in hand I enjoyed finding deals and getting only what was on my list. I did get some value pack items (a big pack of pre-portioned salmon) but they were already on my list.

Then I went over to Marshalls since it was in the shopping center. I hit the jackpot!! There was a perfectly good Cast-iron Dutch oven on clearance. Down to $40 from $120….I know I shouldn’t have splurged but I’ve been wanting a dutch oven forever. I tried putting it on the wedding gift list, a few christmas lists and it has never worked. So when I found this sale I couldn’t pass it up!

So I came home and made the most delicious Sunday Night Stew (since it is Sunday). I love The Pioneer Woman recipes and this was another awesome one!! If you haven’t had it you need to make it! The Mashed Taters are by far the best I’ve ever made!!



So all in all a productive day. Hopefully, this meal planning thing works! I’ll let you all know next week if I was able to stick with it!

Comment if you tried any of these!! I love to hear what everyone else is doing/trying!!

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