Meat Free athlete

So back in May my work sent me to the Animal Care expo in Nashville. Up until then I had been a meat-eatin, bacon loving, carnivore. Then I started talking to people who spend their days investigating the treatment of animals, specifically farm animals.  I saw a parts of a film called Vegucated (I have since see the whole thing and OMG). They also served all vegan food for the week and let me tell you it was pretty tasty.

When I came home I asked Jon, “Am I a hypocrite for fighting for some but not all animals?” My loving husband looked at me and said “well…yes”. However, this still did not cause me to make the full leap. It wasn’t until the boy came home and had apparently done some research at work and learned (and then told me) all about the hormones they pump and then some.

Well, that was it. We have both officially been vegetarians now for almost 2 months. I do eat fish occasionally (hey, I’m from MD I can only give up so much). but otherwise no meat. It has been quite a change. We did it slowly at first. Learning how to incorporate the protein needed for 2 people training for triathlons. We seem to have found a good flow now and I am constantly finding and trying new recipes.

So, when vitacost asked if I wanted to review some sample sizes from Bobs Red Mill I jumped at the chance. The pack came with granola and muesli, both of which I had used before. It also came with Farro, Amaranth, Spelt, and Teff, 4 grains I had never heard of let alone tried. (Helpful links above will take you to directly to that page should you want to order!!)


After a bit of research I found the following awesome recipes.

Farro – Roasted Corn & Basil Farro Salad (I’m making this tonight) – Can’t wait to try it

Spelt – Marinated Artichoke & Spelt salad – This turned out really yummy! I let the grain soak overnight and then made the salad. The marinated artichoke mixed with the crunch from the grain is just delightful!

Amaranth – Amaranth for breakfast – I used Silk Almond Milk instead of Coconut milk mainly because I didn’t have coconut milk and it worked just fine!! A yummy and filling breakfast!!

I have no good recipe for Teff because the one I used didn’t turn out so well.

It was great to get to try these small samples from Bob’s Red Mill. Until now I had only ever used the baking items. I figure I wouldn’t waste flour or brownie mix. Now I can go buy the larger versions since I know what I like!! So live on the edge and go try some new grains out today!!

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