Medals and Smoothies

Ok so I’m really excited about this post cause I’m going to talk about 2 of the medals that have been release for 2 races that are coming up for me! I’m also going to share a smoothie recipe, mainly because the video of my dog disliking it is hilarious!

Ok starting off with the bling!! Cause you know it is the best part. So Run Disney just released the Walt Disney World 20th Anniversary Marathon Medal. It is awesome. It is in color, it is classy, it has a spinner, and 2 Mickey’s. Way to go Disney! So glad I signed up for the marathon again this year! Totally worth it for that medal! Take a look

Doesn’t it look pretty!

So before the Mickey Marathon I will be running the Baltimore half marathon in October. This will be my third year running this race. It is a good race, crazy hilly, but good. Well, they just released their medals yesterday also and I want to share them because I’m excited about them also.  They are color, half marathon is Raven’s Purple (woot woot), and square!!

Ok so the tagline on the front of the medal says “What hills don’t kill you make you stronger” how awesome is that?? And the back of the medal says “I ran thirteenpointone freakin’ miles” again I love some good sarcasm in a medal!

Jealous of these medals? There is still time to register for either or both races. or

Ok onto the smoothie part. So I’ve been reading about the green monster smoothie and decided to make it myself. I have a Ninja Master Plus blender which is not only amazing but it blends everything perfectly! Don’t have one?? Get one!! I eyeballed most of my ingredients but I used:

1 sliced banana, 1tbsp peanut butter (I used Earth Balance but it is up to you), 1tbsp chobani honey greek yogurt, 2 cups unsweetened almond milk, and filled the rest with spinach, I think I also threw in a scoop of Vanilla whey protein powder (but I don’t think I will do that next time). It turned out pretty tasty.

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