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Last night I had the amazing opportunity to attend a charity dinner with speaker and Ironman Chris Lieto. It was hosted by a local running shop Spark Running and proceeds went to Chris Lieto’s charity More than Sport.


Chris’s speech was about finding your passion and going for it. He gave 4 tips on succeeding at what you want

1) Know what you want (which has 3 sub-steps)

a. decide on what it is that you want

b. commit to doing what you want

c. resolve to actually do it (you know don’t just say you will but actually do it)

2) Know how you are going to do it

3) Take action to make it happen. WRITE IT DOWN. You have to create your own potential

4) What do you want to do it? When things get tough, and they will, you have to know why and remember why you are doing what you love!

Believe it or not I sat there in awe. I’ve felt like I have been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life for a while now and this really spoke to me. So during the Q&A I decided I needed to talk to him about his charity work, More than Sport. This is a group that supports/encourages athletes to do more for the communities in which they race. This charity combines two things in my life that I am passionate about sports and charity. Well I went up to him and told him what I was passionate about and asked how I could volunteer my time to help. And BAM I got the business card for the charities CEO!! See kids, when you actually ask good things can happen!

Then I went home and did exactly what he said! So, I’m holding myself accountable and writing it down here!

1) Know what you want – I want to be a race director for a large charity

2) How – I am going to become a certified race director for USAT and RRCA by the end of 2014 (these are pricey USAT = $450, RRCA = $250)

3) Take Action – I’m already directing two 5K’s and a walk and a bike ride for the SPCA next year. I want to add a sprint triathlon also. I’m also going to try to partner up with More than Sport for at least 1 of these races!

4) Why do you want – This would combine 2 of my passions in life. Racing and Charities. I know I will never be a pro athlete but I could design/run their races and help them to make a difference in communities all over!!

I’m so excited I could bust! I actually emailed the CEO of More than Sport this morning to ask how I could help. I believe that you can learn so much by volunteering for charities (you know practice what you preach). Here is to finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and knowing what I want!!

What motivates you in life and in you work? Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

Me with Chris Lieto

Me with Chris Lieto

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