No 70.3 for me

Earlier this year I decided I wanted to try again to tackle my first 70.3 or half ironman (I had to cancel my 2015 attempt at 70.3 Haines City due to working for IM). I’m not sure why I wanted to do this. I think because I will actually train if it is something new or out of my comfort zone. I dunno, I think it helps me to push myself. This was back in April.

It is now September and I have decided I don’t want to do that. There are a number of reasons.

1. I’m really focusing and doing well with my weight loss journey (that’s another post for another day). I’m almost to the 20lbs lost mark and I don’t want to lose my focus.

2. Jon is already training for some half’s next year and to be honest longer distances are more expensive and adulting has really hit our budget (hello new roof).

3. The main reason, I don’t want to train out of fear!

I believe there is a difference between training for a goal that is slightly unattainable and training for something to desperately beat the cutoff times. Some people may be motivated by the latter but I just can’t see spending $200+ (again, adulting) for something I know I likely will not finish.

– I am not a good swimmer. Actually, I hate the swimming part. Marine life freaks me out. Getting punched in the face freaks me out, generally the swim portion freaks me out. I can do it but not really well!

– I’m an ok biker. Right now I average about 13.5 speed when riding. If I dedicated myself I could probably get a bit faster. However, with a crappy swim, I’d need an amazing bike and now we are looking at 2 things to work on.

– I’m a slow runner. I’m ok with this. I like my intervals. I’ve been training and over the last year have gone from a 15mm to a 13mm average and this is great! However, for a half distance with no buffer time from the swim or the bike this could mean doom. We are now at 3 not so great areas.

– I rock at transition. Just wanted to throw it out there. I’m amazingly fast at transitioning from each one. If I could gain a bunch of time on this I’d be awesome! I can’t so this is a moot point.

I have learned, through marathon training, that I do not get motivated by fear. I actually shut down pretty hard. If I think I won’t make a cutoff or if I’m going to get pulled I would rather quit than push harder. I don’t know why but this is just me. So, while I’m training, if it seems hopeless I’m going to throw in the towel. Maybe this is because I don’t really have a training buddy or whatnot but that’s where I am. I like those just slightly unattainable goals. If they are too far to be reached I just won’t reach them! I’ll find excuses and I don’t like that.

So, for 2017, I plan on focusing on getting to a healthy weight and improving my running! I think that those 2 goals are enough for me. This doesn’t mean I won’t do some local short distance triathlons (and there is nothing wrong with not moving up) but I think I have enough to push myself with already! And this is a lot less stressful!

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