November begins

So many changes are afoot! Guess I’m going to end 2017 with the theory of dedication? Earlier this year I decided that my big goal for 2018 was going to be to tackle that damn Olympic Distance triathlon. Still my only DNF to date and I don’t like that.

Somewhere in October I decided to go all out! I hired a coach! Given that we are heading into the “cold months” which is relative in Florida. We are starting with a goal race of the Chilly Willy duathlon in January. This will give me the time to work on my bike and run while still being able to complete the road races I’ve already signed up for. This will also help to build the milage on the bike. Then we will begin to work towards the Rev 3 Olympic triathlon!

My official training starts on November 5th and I’ve started working on the nutrition this week. Trying to get a handle on making better choices! I’m using the Fitgirls Guide 28 day kickstart. I’m one of those people that really does better just being told what to eat! Now, starting this the day before Halloween wasn’t the smartest but I’ve only had a few pieces of candy!


Fit Girls Guide

I’m also slowing upgrading the parts on my bike to get it even better! Yesterday, I invested in some real clipless pedals. I’ve been using mountain bike shoes/pedals up till now. The next goal is to put the aerobars onto the bike and actually learn how to ride in aero!


New pedals!

I’m really excited to start working with my new coach and team! I joined GOAT FIT coaching to really tackle these challenges! Again, I’m pretty good with being told exactly what to do! The best part is how supportive they already are! I did my first time-trial on the bike and had a 5K PR (not cause of them, lol) but one of the coaches gave me a PR tag. Now to chase the podium!


I’m ready for the challenges ahead! Time to rock 2018 really hard!!