Orange Theory epiphany

Last fall I took my first Orange Theory class. I was traveling a bunch for work so I didn’t want to buy a monthly membership cause it doesn’t roll over, so I bought the 10 class pack. I’ve been working out and I totally remembered I had these 10 passes so I talked to my friend Trisha and said let’s do this.


Work has been crazy sucky lately. Like can’t handle other life things super sucky. I liked the idea of heading to a class where an instructor would tell me what to do and I could turn my brain off.

Well, Trisha drank the kool-aid and got the unlimited monthly package and I’m still using up my package. We have gone now 3 times together and I’m scheduled to go again tomorrow. However, the last 2 classes I realized something major, I don’t try hard enough. The goal is to get into Orange level. I have to work really hard to get into the Orange and I apparently recover very quickly.

What this tells me is that in most of my workouts I haven’t been pushing myself hard enough. I keep wondering why I’m not getting any better, or faster, or stronger. Apparently, it is the fact that I really don’t push myself out of my comfort zone. I also am starting to think that my mind has set my comfort zone very low. My body can push harder but my mind doesn’t want to push.

That is the nice thing about these classes. I can see it right on the screen that I’m not pushing and can convince myself to push harder. Cause how can you deny what is right in front of you! Last night, when in the weights portion I couldn’t get my number even up into the green. I knew that meant I needed to add more weight. Normally, adding more weight makes me nervous but I knew my body could handle it for the small number of reps. So, I moved up a weight. Had I just been in the gym I would have never figured that out! I have plenty of time to lift weights at the gym. Right now weight loss is the goal!

I’m enjoying learning this past week about what my body can and can’t handle and I’m enjoying pushing myself harder. Here’s hoping the results follow!

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