Pantry Challenge

So here it is! We are officially 2 weeks away from having the moving truck here to take all of our stuff to sunny Florida!! This is both exciting and terrifying! Also, I do not recommend moving to anyone. Our stuff just keeps coming and the packing never seems to end!!

Part of this move is trying to save some monies and take as little from the kitchen as possible. So for the next 2 weeks we will simply be eating from what is available at the house. Trying to use up everything and take as little as possible. I’m sure we will still take some dry ingredients but I don’t want to waste any of the food we have.

I will still be hitting the grocery store for perishable items (i.e. salads, fruits, veggies) but no more buying non-perishables. Time to eat what is in the house!

If you are looking to do a pantry challenge, without the whole moving element, there is a great website to check out


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