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Now, if you’ve been reading my blog for any extended period of time you will have realized that I live in Florida. Do you know what we have in Florida? Heat & Humidity! Do you know what comes from running in heat & humidity? CHAFING! In the time I’ve lived here I have learned that I can chafe in places I didn’t even realize! I mean, I knew chubrub was a real problem but I didn’t realize how much! I mean, my feet, my underarms, my underwear line, my thighs! IT IS INSANE!

When Bibrave reached out about testing 2Skin by Pjuractive I jumped at the chance! I mean, Jan Frodeno is all about it so it must be good stuff! Let’s put it to the test!


Aren’t my feet attractive?

I’ve been using it for about a month now or so. I’ve used it for training runs, for races, to wear a dress without shorts underneath! You know, the big things! Here’s what I can tell you!

  1. Make sure you let it dry a little before putting your socks on!

  2. Put it on before you go to an event or make sure you bring a towel

  3. Enjoy your workout cause you ain’t gonna chafe!

This stuff really does what it says it does. I did an entire duathlon and didn’t have any real issues. Ok, I did but it was in a place I didn’t put the 2skin!

I’ve been using a competitor product for a while and I can say the only issue I really found with 2Skin is that you can’t apply it while you are out because it gets all over your hands. If I apply it before going out for my run or race it is great! If I take it with me or need to reapply I have to have some water and a towel to remove it from my hands. I have a competitor version that has a spray on it which is helpful for reapplication reasons.

Otherwise, 2skin has become my go-to for all my anti-chafing needs. It is nice because since it is a gel and not a solid it is way better at covering all those nooks and crannies! The nice thing also about the gel is that it doesn’t clog your pores, which means your skin can breathe, which is SUPER important in the FL heat!


check out how large that bottle is!

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