Preparing for Tri camp

oh goodness! I have my first tri camp this weekend! I mean, since life wasn’t stressful enough with moving and packing let’s add 4 days of workouts! I am both terrified and excited in equal parts about camp! I”m really excited about spending a whole weekend with other I Race Like a Girl teammates!


The fun part was packing a week ago, sort of. I had to really plan and make sure that nothing I needed for camp got packed into the POD which is being whisked away before! So what does one need for a tri camp that includes swim, bike, run, weights, yoga?


swim gear

Swim! 2 swimsuits, 3 swim caps, goggles, and a whole line of TriSwim stuff. We are swimming at the National training center everyday! Which means, there will be shower swimsuit cleaning!


Bike gear

In addition to swimming everyday we are also biking everyday. That means 3 days of bike gear! 3 kits, 3 socks, and other accessories. Not pictured, the bike!


run gear

We are running 2 of the days. Although I brought some extra gear just in case. Then there is also extra workout attire for yoga, weight training, and whatnot.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever planned my gear for a vacation let alone something that is a 30 minute drive away. I’m also gonna swing by the grocery store tonight to stock up because the hotel rooms have a full kitchen and I want to have good lunches!!

Here’s to doing things that scare you in 2019!!