Project “make the house a home”

So I’m starting to discover that I can’t control all aspects of my life. (Does anyone else have this issue?). Things at work are kind of spiraling out of control, my leg still hurts, and things are just uncertain. Should this happen at 27? So last night Jon and I sat down and hatched out a plan to regain control over those things that we can control.

I can control my surroundings. I can clean-up the house and really make it a home.

I can control what I am eating. So I can plan my weekly meals

I can control my budget and how I spend/save my hard earned money.

Things never look as bad when you figure out what you can fix and work towards that. So I am starting tomorrow and Monday with my “make the house a home” project. We have been here for a year now. It is time to really clean, organize, and purge. I believe this to be quite an under taking. More so, that we are terrible with follow through. Or actually keeping up with it. Watch for updates on my projects! It should be fun (or interesting, you decide)

How do you handle these kinds of problems?

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