Race Directing and Theatre

So at the beginning of this year the husband took a new job in Florida. That meant that I needed to find a job down here as well. I lucked into a pretty good job with IRONMAN. This is my first For-profit job and I have to say For-profit is a very different world from Non-Profit. However, this meant really up-ing my game.

So now I am proud to say that I am a Race Director and Ops Manager for Iron Girl. It is weird going from small 200 people races to all of a sudden managing a 4,000 person race and overseeing other races. However, I did learn something very interesting. I use my BA in Theatre now more than I have in the 8 years since I graduated from McDaniel. Race Directing and Operations Management is a lot like stage managing and directing a show.

The race is a large show where all the audience is participating. Your crew has to get everything right the first time because this is both the opening and closing of the show. Thankfully, there are no refunds in races!

Prior to the race you are staging, plotting out the course, and the site set-up. Working on budgets and scheduling your “actors and crew”. You have a big binder of everything you need but instead of light cues and stage direction you have permits and course markings.

Race weekend the show must go on! You have 48 hours to set-up your entire production and even less time to break it all down. There is even a show within a show during expos and post-race festivities. There are DJ’s or bands, entertainment, food, etc. Sadly, there is no intermission.

It’s weird when you start down one path and end up on another. It is even weirder when that path sort of takes you right back to where you started. I’m grateful for the lessons I learned in the theatre because it has made me a very confident race director.

Who said that senior project of Pterodactyls wouldn’t some day pay off??? I’m just thankful I don’t have to wear all black in this heat!!


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