Race Directors are people too!

Hey! Do you remember that time you signed up for a race? Do you remember that time you trained for 3 – 8 months preparing for your A race? Do you remember how you did all the prep, planning, and training and then on race day something went wrong and it just wasn’t your best?

WELLLL, it happens to the race directors also! We plan for a year to make sure your A race is amazing. Sadly, sometimes we make mistakes and when these mistakes happen we just pray you don’t flip out! We want to make your race experience the best that it can be! We HATE when something gets messed up because we know that you are not getting the most that we can give….BUT it happens.

And while we are on the topic. We are also participants in other races. We love endurance sports and actively participate as well as work these events. Some race directors do this for a living while others dedicate their free time to the sport they love. This is a job where you have to have a thick skin. Everyone has an opinion and we know that. With over 1,000 people in my races I know that not everyone will walk away happy but I LOVE reading the thank you’s and I even LOVE reading the constructive suggestions. Believe me when I say we read every Facebook comment and every survey response! However, with the invention of social media people sometimes forget that when you bash a race, its heart, its soul, and its staff that we see it. We are on twitter, Facebook, and instagram. We see everything you say and cheer those people that support us.

The other day I saw a participant post something in a closed Facebook page that I am also part of. When she called to follow up we asked about the post and she responded “it is a closed group, how would you see it” the response was “well we race also and are part of these groups. We love this sport” she was ASTOUNDED!

So please, while you are making these posts remember that they are seen. We do read them and in some cases seek them out! Remember when you go to flip out at the volunteers, crew, staff, that we are trying our best! We want the race to be amazing for you and all the other participants.

Remember that race directors are people too!

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