Race Playlist

So everyone has their pre-race rituals. If you have raced before you know what I am talking about. Pick out your outfit the night before. Pin your bib onto your shirt (or race belt like I do). Fill water bottles to keep in the fridge, etc. One of my favorite pre-race rituals is my iPod shuffle list.

So in an effort to not let my race playlist get stale I will only listen to it at races. The only time I do not listen to my iPod at a race is if I am running with my RP, feel free to meet her here, otherwise I have my headphones in. I know in some races the headphones are frowned upon but I find that I run so much faster with the music going. I find that my fastest races are when I run on my own and have the music pumping.

Also, for those that use music to run, I bet you have a go to pump you up song! Mine (laugh if you want but I’m serious) is “Bet on it” from High School Musical 2. This came out right around when I started running and it has stuck with me ever since. I’m a Disney runner so that’s just how these things work.

So below is my completed playlist for tomorrow’s big 10 miler! What is on your playlist when you run?

My race playlist

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