Reflections on Irma

We were spared. It has been a week of worry and anxiety. I’m taking a break from cleaning to write this because I kinda wanted to get things outta my head.

The predicted path had Irma hitting Tampa Bay at a high category 3 hurricane. While it obviously didn’t do that we still got hit pretty hard. In actuality, we evacuated to the Orlando area and the eye of the storm went right over us as a low cat 2/high cat 1. It was scary but not as scary as it could have been.


We live in evacuation zone C and they evacuated the areas around us. We assumed we would come back to a flooded house or worse. I realized that this is my first experience at a real life decision. I mean life or death decision. Do we stay, do we flee, what do we need to keep ourselves and our animals safe? We boarded up the house the best we could knowing 150mph winds would probably remove the work. It was the first time in my life that I stared down the barrel of possibly losing everything. It is scary to think about the little life you’ve made being possibly reduced to nothing in a matter of hours.


Now that the storm has passed and we are working on cleaning things up it is surprising how much I just want to chuck. You realize how much useless crap you have and that you buy. You know what is important because it is what you grab to take with you. Everything else is just STUFF! What did I grab? Besides our important paperwork on the house, documents and such.

I grabbed some jewelry that is irreplaceable. My wedding rings, the necklace my mom gave me that has her wedding ring on it, and the tennis bracelet my dad gave me. However, I think these things are pretty obvious. The things I was surprised that made it in the car with me…

The blanket that my mom made me. I think it brought me comfort while I was laying on the floor watching the news as the eye of the storm actually found us in Orlando.


I also grabbed my grandmother’s recipe cards that I had. I don’t know what made me think to grab them but they ended up in my book bag with all the other important documents. I guess since my grandma is gone I knew they couldn’t be remade.


Now, as I mentally decompress from the last week, you realize the things that are important and you hope you don’t take them for granted. You have a new lease on life. I wouldn’t change any choices I made in the last week. I would do it all the same if I had to do it again. I mean, we are looking into getting hurricane windows because we are learning but I think we made all the right choices.

I know we got incredibly lucky and I count every blessing that I have. Others did not fare as well and I feel for them! I have been changed and I’m interested to see how things move forward from here. I mean, I’m down 5lbs from all the worry and stress! It definitely puts life in perspective.

Stay safe out there everyone and hug those you love!

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